Our store presents a collection of Fivem addon peds for those who want to play a fat police. Whether you're in need of an imposing law enforcement in LSPD clothes or a distinctive fat sheriff character, the best selling Fat American Cop is a great option. 

If you want to edit the textures, our Trial Pack [1 month] is a great start. You get to try all of our models to select the best one to buy for your editing needs. 

Each of our addon ped models is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Fivem environment with an easy drag and drop install into your servers resource folder, and a simple add of a text row to your server.cfg. 

✅ Our peds are Escrow Protected. Read more.

✍🏻 You can change any textures, the texture [ytd] is unlocked but the model [ydd] is locked. 

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