These subscriptions are more suitable for players who don't own their own server, but don't want to gift or grant the server owner their bought assets. 

When you cancel your subscription, the asset is revoked and can no longer be used. This is perfect if you cannot play on the server that your ped is installed on. Simply pick up a new subscription when you have a new server to play on. 

Each of our addon ped models is designed to seamlessly integrate into your server owners Fivem environment. Simply pick up a subscription, transfer the granted asset on to the server owner. The server owner  installs the asset into the servers resource folder, and a simple adds a text row to the server.cfg. 

✅ Our peds are Escrow Protected. Read more.

✍🏻 You can change any textures, the texture [ytd] is unlocked but the model [ydd] is locked.