This page lays out the documentation for server owners regarding support and common issues with products bought from this website. 

It provides all the problems that can occur and how others have solved them already. It also servers as a step by step guide for buyers and operators on some of the prerequisites for using my products on their server.

Table of contents

1. Server prerequisites
2.1 Installation guide [for players]
2.2. Installation guide [for server owners]
2.3 Installation guide [Ped menu]
3. Errors and how to fix them
4. FAQ

1. Server / Operator Prerequisites [Read before buying]

1. You need general knowledge on how to operate a Fivem-server.

2. You need a script or any other way to switch to an addon ped.

3. You need a script or any other way to change the components on a ped. 

4. You need to be running a FXServer version that can handle Escrow Assets as described on forums. 

5. You need to have a valid account with a patreon key connected - identical to the account that makes the purchase. 1 transfer of the asset is possible. If you are a player on a server you don't own, you only need a account. 

6. You can't have any other peds installed that causes conflict with the one you're buying. 

2.1 What you have to do as a player (not owning your own server)

1. Make sure that you've established a dialogue with the servers owner (the one that holds the patreon key) and that he or she agrees to run your product on their server. Also, make sure that they have this documentation page to read the server prerequisites. This person is the one that can install your product and make it work. 

2. Buy the product via the webstore or pickup a subscription. 

3. Login to your account. 

4. The product will appear under "Granted Assets". 

5. Transfer it to the server owners account. 

6. Have the server owner follow the Installation Guide as described under 2.2 bellow. 

Or. Just skip all of that and convince the server owner to buy the product for their server.

If you cancel your subscription, the asset will be revoked and it will no longer work on the server where it is installed. Remaining days are not refunded or gained back if you pick up a new subscription. 

2.2 Installation guide - addon peds

1. Download the product from under "Granted Assets". 

2. Go to your servers /resources folder. 

3. Unzip your product folder (NAMEVXX) in your servers /resources folder. The product folder always contains the fxmanifest.lua file. NOTE: the fxmanifest.lua must be included when you install the product on your server. The folder structure should look like this all the way down to where the ped design files are: > server > resources > NAMEVXXX > stream. Do not install it in any other subfolder such as [peds] or [clothes] because it might not work due to conflicting .lua or manifest files. If you want to [structure] your resource folder, you can create a new folder called [sl_peds] and do the installation there. 

4. Open the server.cfg and add "ensure NAMEVXX" (the installation folder name) to the server.cfg. If you added a [sl_peds], you add "ensure [sl_peds]" to the server.cfg instead. At first, make sure the asset is started before any resource that has anything to do with clothing etc. (If you run into issues later with asset not loading in, you followed the instructions etc, play around with the order you start the resources). 

5. Restart your server. 

6. Connect to your server and select/create the character you wish to play. 

7. Access your servers skin menu and switch to the ped with the correct ped name. 

8. You should now be playing your bought product. If not - follow the steps bellow. 

2.3 Installation guide - Ped Menu

Every Ped Menu or clothes menu have different ways of loading addon peds. This description is a suggestion on how to get our addon peds to work with Illenium Appearance which is an addon we recommend. Similar way of working with your ped menu might be applicable. 

1. After you've installed Illenium Appearance - go to the servers resources folder and go to > illenium-apparance > shared > peds.lua

2. Add the name of the addon ped like under peds { } where the other peds are listed. 

3. Common errors

3.1 - Wrong account
Symptom: The game will crash or error messages occur when trying to access the product in game.
Cause: You've bought the product on another account that doesn't have the patreon key to the server you've installed the product on.
Solution: Go to and transfer the product to the account that has the patreon key for the server (the server owners correct account). Remove the ped from the /stream folder. Download the product from the owners keymaster login. Reinstall. Restart the server. 

3.2 - Old FXServer version.
Symptom: You're getting an error prompt that looks like this:


Cause: You did not read the prerequisites and you did not read the prompt.
Solution: Update your server to the correct FXServer version. Follow this guide:  

3.3 - Old FXServer version.
Symptom: Im getting the following errors: {{ error parsing script }} or {{ failed to load }}
Cause: Your server is probably not updated.
Solution: Make sure you're running at least version 5181.

3.4 - Lacking entitlement
Symptom: Im getting {{ lack the required entitlement to use <resource> }}
Cause: You're lacking the required entitlement to use the products on this server.
Solution: Try restarting your server. Verify that your server license key is valid. Make sure that you've included the fxmanifest.lua in installation folder. It might also be that the product you're trying to access was bought on another account. The product need to be transfered to the same account that holds the servers patreon key. Otherwise it will not work.

3.5 - Failed verification
Symptom: Im getting {{ Failed to verify protected resource }}
Cause: Files could have became corrupt during unzip or download.
Solution: Try a re-install according to the guide. Make sure to include hidden files and that the .fxap file is included. Do not change, add or remove anything in the product folder. Make sure it's under the /stream folder as stated in the installation guide.

3.6 - Wrong key
Symptom: Im getting errors regarding {{ wrong key}}
Cause: You're probably installing a product not downloaded from your
Solution: Try a re-install according to the guide. Always download the asset from your own keymaster. Make sure to include hidden files and that the .fxap file is included. Do not change, add or remove anything in the product folder. Make sure it's under the /stream folder as stated in the installation guide. The product need to be transfered to the same account that holds the servers patreon key. Otherwise it will not work.


1. How many times can you transfer an asset within
- You can only transfer an asset once.

2.  What happens to a transfered asset when I cancel an active subscription?
- It gets revoked instantly.

3. I accidently canceled a subscription and my product/asset was revoked. Can you re-activate my asset for the remaining days or offer a refund?
Unfortunately, no. All sales and cancels of the service are final. There is no way for me to grant you back those remaining days due to how Tebex works today. If you want to re-active your product you have to buy a new subscription for a new Asset. 

4. Can I edit the textures?
Yes. We allow you to change any textures of our latest models. The texture [ytd] is unlocked but the model [ydd] is still locked . To repaint older packages that had locked [ytd:s], see the paint kits.