Fat American Cop

29.00 EUR

Package Description

All police stations need a fat lazy cop eating donuts. 

It is simply someone who makes sure that the good atmosphere is at its peak and that the coffee cups are filled.

With this Ped on your FiveM server, there's no doubt who's behind all of this - in addition to some good damn police work!

This is an addon ped with an LSPD, CHP Sheriff and SWAT outfit - and many more. The ped is based of the GTA a_m_m_farmer_01 ped, used to create famous RP characters such as Cletus Cornwood, and others.

Now it's your turn to play a fat police in Fivem as well! 

Always read the documentation and communicate with the server owner before buying. 

✅ This model is Escrow Protected. Read more.

✍🏻 You can change any textures, the texture [ytd] is unlocked but the model [ydd] is locked.

👮 Ped name: sl_fatcop_01

This is the Fat American Cop. 

Police clothes, both LSPD, SWAT and CHP, with several different textures that you can use in different scenarios.  There are also textures for those who want to play Civil Investigator, Suit as a prosecutor, SWAT police etc. There are also some civilian outfits. Stripped down to underwear. Embarrasing father's outfit etc. Some outfits are optimized between each other and can be combined (undressed top + suit pants etc.).

This package has a few extra beards and hair styles.

- Police Los Santos Department -- Long/short sleeve
- Police California Highway Patrol / Sheriff -- Long/short sleeve
- SWAT Set
- Civil investigator
- Winter jacket outfit
- Suit
- Casual Jeans & shirt
- "Dad Outfit" for days on the beaches
- Undressed, Underpants.

- Face with several different textures
- 4 hair styles - with several different textures
- 5 pcs Pants, with several textures
- 7 pcs Tops, several textures
- 3 vests, Police bulletproofvest and Sheriff Vest + Swat
- 2 Belts (civil & interventional)
- 1 earpiece
- 2 Hats (one sheriff)
- 2 helmets (swat, motorcycle)
- 3 sunglasses
- Clock
- Mask
- Leg Holster